Saving water

• Try to use as little hot water as possible – wash your hands with cold water and put a cup next to your toothbrush – use it for rinsing instead of leaving the tap running

Save water• Use your bath water to water your garden/window boxes

• Choose the shortest programme on your washing machine. Soak stuff before hand if it’s very dirty.

• Keep a jug in your kitchen for stale water – i.e. instead of pouring half drunk cups of water (from bedtime, perhaps) down the sink, or emptying the kettle to put fresh water in it, tip this water into the jug and use it to top up your bath, wash dishes, water plants, fill a hot water bottle, rinse muddy boots…

• Break the daily shower/bath routine and skip the odd one, unless you really need it!

• Report water leaks in the street to the water board. if you see/suspect one hasn’t already been reported (they happen quite a lot!) and observe your water usage carefully.

• Save water when showering, especially if your bathroom is warm, by turning the water off while you lather up. Better bubbles and less water used!

• If you have enough space in your shower tray, shower with a washing up bowl or similar next to you, to trap water for re-use in window boxes etc.
• Change your toilet flushing habits: if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down!