Saving energy

• Switch off electrical appliances at the plug – computers, televisions, kettles, toasters, etc. Or, if you have a number of devices with time settings (like a video recorder) you can consider using this device:—8-gang/

• Consider purchasing a wireless electricity/energy monitor for your home or business and locate the information screen in a prominent place – make it a feature!

• Walk to the shops rather than getting in the car, or use public transport.

Switch off

• Turn off lights when not in use.

When you replace a lightbulb , consider replacing it with an LED one, read why here: 

• Fly as little as possible. Go on holiday in the UK or on the Continent where there are excellent train services, e.g., Eurostar, Thalys, TGV etc.

• Get a bicycle and cycle wherever you can. If you want to cycle to work but your commute is too far, get a folding bike or an electric bike.

• Switch to a greener energy supplier. They price match the “big 6” so if you are on a standard tariff it costs no more to switch to or Better still, generate your own electricity/hot water.

• When it gets cold, put on another layer of clothing before you turn the thermostat up. Turn your thermostat down by one degree. Buy some slippers. Buy some thermal underwear or tops – Uniqlo does a great range.

Radiator lining• Insulate your home as much as possible, even your pipes! Fit draught excluders on doors and windows, use reflective backings on radiators and draw your curtains. If you need new curtains, buy thick ones or make your own with “bump” interlining for heavy, insulated curtains.

• Only boil the water you need. If you need a new kettle, buy a transparent one or one with a water level gauge.
• Avoid the temptation to keep re-boiling. If you end up with more boiling water than you need, pour it into a flask and keep it next to the kettle

• If you have to drive, learn how to drive more efficiently. Easy on the right foot, check tyre pressures, empty the boot of junk you don’t need, don’t over-rev and know when to change gear.