Pictures and Quotes from Fairtrade farmers

The Environmental Standards.

Coffee grower“Fairtrade isn’t just about helping farmers in poor countries; by helping to protect forests, fields and rivers it helps us all to respond to climate change. We have had to change the way we grow and process coffee to meet Fairtrade standards, and have learnt about more sustainable production methods this way.”
Gerardo Camacho, Fairtrade coffee farmer, Costa Rica

Over 55% of small Fairtrade farms are already organic and many more farmers are working towards organic production.

Cotton grower
“Now we use organic inputs, fewer insecticides and more compost, there has been an improvement in thequality of the cotton and a better yield”
Moussa Keita, Fairtrade cotton farmer, Mali



Investment in alternative technologies

Alternative energy

“We’ve used the Fairtrade premium to buy environmentally friendly ovens to dry our coffee. These are powered by coffee skins and macadamia nut shells, which mean we no longer need to cut up to 50 acres of forest every year.”
Gerardo Camacho, coffee co-operative, Costa Rica

Intercropping and Protection of Rainforests