Economics Group change of venue

Economics Group Business Advice

Since its inception 18 months ago the Economics Group has supported over 40 local businesses to expand and grow. We have grown out of our original meeting place , and now meet in Howards Kitchen Cafe, Gladstone Road, 10.30 – 12.20 on 2nd Friday of the month.

The current group of up to 20 businesses comprises localy made skin care,  environmental and spacial consultants, along side yoga , personal development, web developers and a host of other offers all trading or starting to trade locally. The group is mentored by Business Advisor Yvonne Fuchs (07782 210304). Here is a quote from one of our members,

“thanks  Yvonne for the meeting today . I feel clearer again about my business. It is great to have so much information given in a highty supportive way. I come away feeling focused and inspired !”

For more information about Yvonne see: which tells more about her specialist areas of business about her creative self holding page … more to come soon