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Issue 7 : February 2011

Welcome to “Edible Whitstable”, the newsletter of Transition Town Whitstable’s Food Group, and our first issue of 2011.

Globally things are on the move. Who would have thought that the desperate self-immolation of a Tunisian fruit and vegetable seller would be one of the things to trigger a wave of revolution within several Arab states. This man, distraught when his produce was confiscated by the authorities depriving him of the means to feed his family, took desperate action and, in doing so, has become a symbol for the longing for change which is currently spreading across the region.

At home we have the “austerity” cuts – less dramatic but likely to produce irreversable changes to our public services. And all these kind of issues directly affect the way citizens here and around the world are able to experience their local environment.

Here, in Transition Town Whitstable, we continue to promote sustainable living, exploring growing projects, including how we can address the allotment waiting list and help make more allotment land available.

Next weekend, remember to bring your seeds to the Seed Swap at the Farmers’ Market (What’s On); and check out the brilliant Big Fish Fight campaign below (Seen and Heard), which addresses sustainability, waste and the sale of mackerel in the nation’s chippies.

If it’s not too late now, happy new year!