Straw Bale Building begins

6th February: Straw Bale Building begins

These are the thoughts we are having, transition, self reliance, re-skilling, fun, creative, experimental, cutting edge DIY eco building techniques, inspired by Corbusier, local.

We would like to see permaculture in action…..applying permaculture principles. Local resources meeting local needs:  Using local straw, coppice wood and earth. Minimum work for maximum yield and encouraging people to come and join in. Perhaps even help build it, in exchange for learning and trying out new skills. Why not be part of a fun local project.

The aim of this build is to create a new art workspace, the process and end product will be a piece of artwork in itself. The result will be a useable lasting structure that has potential for a variety of uses: spare room, holiday let, office, shed. It will be biodegradable making it low impact.

Contact Jim or Clare for further info.


One thought on “Straw Bale Building begins

  1. Hi J+C, i hadnt realised it would look so beautiful. i love the organic roundedness. count me in , id love to come and help some time. look forward to more news of it.jean

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